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Homemade Slime (or "Goo" as my kids call it!)

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Our family is on a huge "goo" kick right now. I'm not sure why it's become SO exciting lately, but I have to say, any activity that occupies a 5-, 3-, and 2- year old for more than 20 minutes is a huge win in my book. When I realized how easy it was and how few ingredients you actually need to make it yourself we decided to give it a go!
Slime Ingredients
You will need:
  • 4 oz. of clear Elmer’s glue - Do not use white Elmer's glue as the glitter will get lost.
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • glitter (I bought mine at Michaels)
  • 1 tablespoon saline solution (make sure the ingredient list includes "buffered" saline)

Simply mix all the ingredients together! Add more a few drops of saline solution to thicken the slime if needed.

How To Make Slime

I used an old jam jar to do the mixing and you could even store it in there. I will say that similar to playdoh or any sort of messy activity, the goo should stay on hard surfaces and should not get into the hands of any little ones who might want to put it into their mouths.

Getting Slimy!

I think the little jars filled with goo would make the cutest party favors! Easy, homemade and fun for all ages!

Slime Party Favors 

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LN Spotlight: Prism Autism Center

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We are thrilled to have our latest LN Spotlight be on Rebecca Giammatti of Prism Autism. When we first met Rebecca we were so excited for Little Nomad to be a part of this amazing facility that she and her Co-Founder (and twin sister!), Rachael Coburn, created. 

What is our background and how did Prism come to be?

My Co-Founder Rachael Coburn and I have been involved in the treatment of children with autism for nearly 20 years now. After summer internships during Freshman year of undergraduate studies introduced us to this wonderful population, we knew we would never leave! After many years of providing intervention in home and school settings, we also wanted to create a center where very young children could come and receive their applied behavior analytic intervention (ABA). Prism Autism Center provides this space where, using scientifically-validated, naturalistic, play-based instruction, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and technicians work to remediate the core symptoms of autism.


Tell us a little bit about your school and services.
Due to the intensive nature of our programming, our clients spend large portions of each day, every day here. We wanted to replicate a more natural and comfortable environment. As we work with the very young, we play on the floor most of the day. The mats provide a soft, washable surface to play and learn on.

Who are your students that attend Prism? 
We serve children with autism aged 1-6 at our Center who require intensive services.

What drew you to Little Nomad play mats?
Unlike other foam mats, LN mats are not overstimulating, nor are they commercial looking. We want our client to focus on us and the intervention, and not be overly distracted by the decor.

How will the mats benefit your instructors/technicians? How does the decor affect your learning spaces?
The mats contribute to a beautiful, warm, welcoming environment for staff and clients alike, while also providing a more comfortable surface to play and learn on.

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Back to School Bento Box Recipe

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The back to school transition is one of the hardest times I can think of (for us parents, too!) For some of our little ones, it might be the first year they are staying an entire day and will need to pack a lunch. I'm a huge fan of bento box style lunches these days and we are lucky enough to have a really fun and easy plan of attack for your dinosaur loving kiddo thanks to our go-to Chef and Mama, Addie Gundry. It's almost too cute to eat!

Lunchables Recipe


  • 1 Handful of Pretzels
  • 4 pieces of boiled or Steamed Broccoli
  • 1 Hard Boiled Egg (with green spots – using a permanent marker)
  • Red Leaf Lettuce (as the bed for the dinosaur sandwiches)
  • 4 slices of white sandwich bread (or any bread! I used Texas Toast bread for a thick slice)
  • 2 pieces of salami
  • 2 pieces of Swiss cheese
  • Mayonnaise and mustard (optional)

Container is from a frozen TV dinner. I removed the items and washed the container.


  1. Place broccoli in one compartment.
  2. Place hard boiled egg in the center compartment.
  3. Place pretzels in the third compartment.
  4. Lay down a bed of lettuce.
  5. Using a dinosaur cookie cutter (or any fun shape), cut 4 pieces of bread. Place a piece of salami and a piece of cheese in each dinosaur. I used a cookie cutter to slice my salami and Swiss cheese so it would match the cookie cutter. Spread mayonnaise and mustard if desired.
  6. Enjoy!
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Backpack Round-up!

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As much as I want to pretend like we have months left of Summer, the reality is that we are weeks away from the start of the school year and we need to start prepping now. We've rounded up some of the coolest backpacks to get our kids psyched for the year ahead.

Designer backpacks we love...

1) SoYoung  //  2) ModernNaked  //  3) Hershel  //  4) Fjallraven  //  5) Petit Collage  //  6) JCrew Girl  //  7) JCrew Boy  //  8) Patagonia  //  9) Beatrix New York Little Kids  //  10) Unicorn Meadow  //  11) Treasure Hunt

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How to Throw a Boho First Birthday Party

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Today we have a guest blogger, Jessica Lighter from The Celebration Stylist giving us the lowdown on how to throw an awesome party for the little ones in our lives. Jessica is a party stylist and blogger, wife, mama of two girls, home decor enthusiast, and Disney fan who lives in sunny, South Florida. She is a party expert who started blogging to share her love of creating and inspiring others.

Here are her tips on how to throw it down right:

  1. Keep it Simple -- Don’t stress yourself out over Pinterest worthy parties. Focus on one area, usually a cake table, and don’t worry too much about the rest. Minimalism is in anyway.
  2. Don’t Go Crazy with the Guest List -- It’s a classic mistake for first time parents, I see it all the time! Don’t invite everyone you know, just invite your closest friends and family so that both you and your little don’t get overwhelmed.
  3. Order Food! -- I really recommend ordering food from a grocery store, pizza place, or restaurant rather than making it yourself. I made this mistake myself for my daughter’s first birthday, I was up until 2am the night before her party making star shaped PB&J, never again! Save yourself the headache and just order it.
  4. Smash Cake -- You can’t have a party without cake! And everyone loves to watch a baby eating cake for the first time. It’s the perfect party entertainment for a first birthday party.
  5. Self Serve Activities -- Unless you are hiring some sort of entertainment, make the activities self serve. Things like a ball pit, bubbles, and coloring appeal to kids of all ages but won’t require you to lead so that you can enjoy your own party and the kids can move at their own pace.

We thought the following was a great example of Jessica's boho party planning done right and wanted to share it here for inspiration. For more party know-how, make sure to visit Jessica's Party Guide here. 

Custom cake and Krispy Kreme

"I loved styling this gorgeous pink and gold, Boho Garden Birthday Party in Pembroke Pines, FL. It was for Miss Victoria's 1st Birthday and was held at their house which ended up working out just perfectly. The client wanted something boho with an elegant twist and lots and lots of fresh flowers. Everything at the boho garden birthday party was gold and pink with some wood accents throughout. Her home decor actually coordinated so well with the boho garden birthday party which was a major plus for the overall atmosphere."

Bubbles and Gold Crowns
"They had a food truck in the driveway {how cool is that?} and then as you walked in the front door, there were faux flower crowns for girls and gold paper crowns for the boys along with their favors. Bubbles are always my favorite favors for the little ones. These were spray painted gold with custom labels. Then as you kept walking in, the gift table was on the right and the cake table complete with fresh Krispy Kreme donuts was on the left next to a gorgeous lace teepee. We used fresh flowers all throughout the boho garden birthday party, which was just stunning."

Gold high chair and ball pit

"Then you walked through sliding glass doors onto the patio with custom pillows on the outdoor couch and more flowers on the tables. Then beyond that was a ball pit with only white ball pit balls. Ball pits really are the BEST party activity for this age. Next to that there was a big white tent with a 16 food table with a gorgeous, fresh floral garland all the way down the center and a kid's table too. There was also a ribbon backdrop for the vintage, gold Jenny Lind highchair that blew so nicely in the wind but could also get wet if it rained, which it did. Everything at the boho garden birthday party flowed so nicely, which doesn't always work out as well when hosting a party in a home."

Flowers everywhere


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