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Roam Free® Play Mat | Tide Pool

Roam Free® Play Mat | Tide Pool






Just Wipe Clean

Wipe Clean!

Non Toxic

Non Toxic






Calling all Boho Babes! Imagine sun-kissed noses and seaside splashes, Tide Pool brings the gorgeous neutrals of the seaside to your play space. Safe, comfortable, and easy to care for, this tasteful play mat looks as good during a quiet evening in as it does when covered with your child’s favorite toys. 

From the Adilah Collection, Tide Pool features cool blues and all the vibes of a hand knotted rug. 

Hand Illustrated by Sophia Vincent Guy | Lovingly made in Taiwan

Shipping is FREE on all play mats in the 48 States!

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Functional Style

Being a Mama can feel like a circus some days, but that doesn’t mean your home has to look like one too! Our play mats bring serenity to your child’s play space - more closely resembling a beautiful rug, it’s easy to transform the play area into an adult sanctuary when your little one is napping or tucked up in bed. With our elegant, tasteful patterns, Roam Free play mats don’t lead to compromise. Complement your room’s color scheme while creating a safe, serene, play space for your little nomad to explore. You’re one awesome mama!


Roam Free play mats are comprised of deluxe 2ft x 2ft tiles which each include edging bonders for a truly rug-like look. Not only are the tiles super easy to assemble, but you can pick a size to fit your play space perfectly. You can even combine packs together to fill a bigger space - you choose.

Looking to Cover a larger space? Use our Custom Sizing Guide to help place your order.

4 x 6

Includes six (6) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and twelve (12) edging bonders.

4 x 6 size

4 x 8

Includes eight (8) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and sixteen (16) edging bonders.

4 x 8 size

6 x 8

Includes twelve (12) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and twenty-four (24) edging bonders.

6 x 8 size

8 x 8

Includes sixteen (16) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and thirty-two (32) edging bonders.

8 x 8 size

8 x 10

Includes twenty (20) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and forty-four (44) edging bonders.

8 x 10 size

8 x 12

Includes twenty-four (24) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and forty-eight (48) edging bonders.

8 x 12 size

10 x 12

Includes thirty (30) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and sixty (60) edging bonders.

10 x 12 size

Safe Materials

With a safe, comfy surface for your little nomad to explore, playtime becomes more fun for them and more stress-free for you.

  • Mat is a comfortably soft 0.47 inches /1.2cm thick - perfect for tummy time, rolling and crawling - plus it's easy on mama’s knees.
  • Made with premium quality, non-toxic EVA foam that exceeds US and EU safety requirements - so baby can play safely (and you have peace of mind).
  • Wipe clean foam - is easy to care for and cuts down your laundry pile.
  • Suitable for all the stages of your child’s development from 0+ months.

We take your child’s safety very seriously. You can read more about our product safety info here.

Care Instructions

Designed for easy care - so you can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying life.

  • Uninterrupted play - unlike fabric alternatives or foam mats filled with nooks and crannies, there’s no need to launder these play mats. Instead, wipe away any spills with mild soap and water, dry with a cloth and bam! Play can continue.
  • Sturdy design - while Roam Free play mats can handle normal foot traffic, beware! High heels or sharp objects such as pet claws may puncture the foam.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Practical & beautiful

I love the design & quality. It has multi use in our house since our entire house is tile. We use our mat for yoga, stretches, and crunches while the kids play. Were so happy with the large size 8x12

Love Hate Relationship

This mat is so unbelievably gorgeous but like other reviewers have stated there is definitely issues with peeling. I ordered 3 4x6 mats and have already had one of them replaced (thank you for the excellent customer service), however the other two are now starting to peel as well.

Hello Marissa, Thank you for your feedback - We aim for 100% satisfaction and are committed to producing the highest quality play mats. If you have not been in touch with our customer service department in regards to your additional play mats please reach out and we can assist ( Kindest Regards, The Little Nomad Team
Great looking play mat!

When I first purchased this play mat and set it up in my house, my husband didn't even realize it was a play mat. He was expecting something with bold colors and totally clashing with our decor. Instead the mat fits seamlessly in our home. It's very easy to clean and my son loves playing with the extra edging they provide. My only complaint is that the top layer where the deisgn is printed does gradually peel away in the high traffic edges. We've had this for several months and it's only barely peeled back, so I just rotate the mat to evenly distribute the traffic.

Hi Lindsey, Thank you for your feedback - we are sorry this was your experience. We aim for 100% satisfaction and are committed to producing the highest quality play mats. If you have not been in touch with our customer service department already, please reach out and we can assist ( Kindest Regards, The Little Nomad Team
Beautiful but doesn't match

This mat is beautiful and functional. Contrary to other reviews, I do think it is has enough cushion for infants just learning to sit, crawl, etc. My son has fallen backwards while sitting several times and has never seemed bothered by it. However, I was disappointed to realize that the seems do not match up exactly for anything other than the 4x6 mat.

Beautiful Mat

I love the Tide Pool mat! It’s beautiful and perfect for our son! I spent a lot of time researching mats and have used several other kinds. This is by far my favorite. I wanted a non-toxic mat that was of good quality, attractive and would fit in with our decor. It’s cushioned enough for falls when sitting and crawling. When our son wipes out and lands on the mat, he does not cry all. It’s perfect for the infant stage but also getting into toddler phase and beyond. I must tell potential buyers that your pets will love it as well. Our two cats love to watch our son play but we have to keep an eye on them because it’s the perfect kitty scratch pad as well :) Love this mat and company! These mats are totally worth the price as they are non-toxic and safe for babies!! Highly recommend!