Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats


    Three Words: Pretty Yoga Mats

    We believe in creating beautiful and practical products, and our pretty yoga mats are no exception. Designed to be a statement piece for yoga at home or in a yoga studio, each mat tells a story and is sure to ‘WOW’. We’ll say it, these might just be the prettiest yoga mats around. For those who love a celestial vibe, our constellation-inspired beautiful yoga mats will make you see stars. Like our stunning blue yoga mat, or our pale pink yoga mat, each design is made to create your happy space. And our Aiden grey yoga mat is designed to look just like a vintage rug.

    Mommy and Me Yoga Mats

    Practicing your downward dog or pilates flow with your little nomad has never been more beautiful! We created adult and children’s yoga mats so that you and your little one can flow together. Our mommy and me yoga mats come in two sizes, 74” x 24” and 60” x 24” and can be mixed and matched to create a picture-perfect yoga vibe that is uniquely yours. Each adult and children’s yoga mat is ¼” thick and super grippy to prevent slipping.