Portable Play Mats

Portable Play Mats


Portable Mats

We believe products should be beautiful and practical. Our portable play mats are simply that, beautiful play mats for families on the move. Each portable mat is a multi-purpose, portable, wipe-clean mat, perfect for on-the-go playtime! Made with vegan leather, our portable play mats are super lightweight and easily foldable. Store the portable mat in a drawer, in the car, or keep it out for all to see and admire. The portable mats are great for traveling to grandparents or visiting friends because in addition to the beautiful designs they’re 100% waterproof. The wipe-clean material allows for impromptu picnics, gingerbread house-making, and finger painting. For all those crumbs, frosting explosions, and paint spills. No need to stress the mess, even when you’re not at home.

Baby Activity Mats

Creating a safe space for babies wherever you wander, our portable activity mats are perfect for setting up an impromptu baby play gym. Designed to look just like an heirloom rug, our portable baby activity mats come in a beautiful variety of colors and patterns, including the fan-favorite floral play mat, and our celestial activity mats inspired by the stars above.