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Oh Hey!

I'm Elizabeth.

Founder of Little Nomad®.
We make beautiful play mats
that both mamas and little ones love.

Little Nomad

How It Started

It seems like only yesterday, our company was born when 762 awesome mamas backed our Roam Free® play mats on Kickstarter and helped us raise $100k in 30 days (more than 2 years ago!). Since then, our community has grown to thousands and we were even featured on Shark Tank.

Where We're Going

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey. I've been so grateful to find other moms who are as excited as I am to create an amazing play space for their little nomad without turning their home into a circus.

Because let’s be honest…when your little one is tucked in bed after a full-on day, you want to relax into a sea of calm - not an ocean of chaos.

Our Mission

We know your Roam Free® Play Mat creates the perfect foundation for a fun, safe play space. But your little nomad loves to play and you want to relax, not stress over clutter.

We hear you and it’s inspired our mission:

To help you create a beautiful, safe play space that's fun for your little one without cluttering your home.

Take a look at our selection of toys, decor, and storage solutions handpicked from brands that share our values. Our beautiful range of baskets, decor, toys and more have all been tested by us. They all have the little nomad stamp of approval for making mama and child happy.

New Decor + Toys

And because style is important, everything is beautifully designed - so you can enjoy it all [almost] as much as your little nomad.

Now their play space can become your happy place.

Find your happy at