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How soon will my order ship?

Your order will ship within 2 business days of being placed, via UPS ground.

Do you ship Internationally?

At this time we are only shipping to the US and Canada. We offer free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Canadian shipping is available for 4x6 and 6x8 play mats however customs, duties and fees are not included in the shipping fees and should be paid directly by the customer. Enter your address at checkout and select Canadian shipping.


What are the cleaning instructions?

As with any baby product we suggest you clean the printed surface of our play mat completely before first use. With the mat connected, gently scrub the tiles with a damp towel or the scrubby side of a sponge using mild soap and water, then dry them completely with a dry towel - a mild soap or dish soap works well. Avoid using harsh or abrasive detergents. When you pick up or move your play mat, clean the floor underneath in a similar fashion.

Are your play mats water/liquid resistant?

Yes - our tiles fit together very snugly and are liquid resistant. The smooth printed surface makes it easy to wipe up spills with a dry cloth.

Are your play mats OK if I have pets?

We have had mixed reviews regarding pets and it will depend on the size and breed. Sharp pet claws may damage the printed surface so should be avoided.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner on the play mats?

Please use caution as vacuum cleaners vary and could cause damage to the mats if suction power is too high.


Are your play mats non-toxic?

Yes, our play mats are made of premium quality EVA foam and high quality printed films. Both the foam and prints are tested to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. The product is non-toxic and rigorously tested to the US Safety Standard and EU Toy Directive to ensure they meet and exceed requirements limiting heavy metals, lead, formamide and phthalates in children's products.

Safety testing of Little Nomad products is conducted by a CPSC-approved (Consumer Product Safety Commission), independently accredited testing laboratory. Our play mats are suitable for All Ages - 0+ Months


What are your play mats made of?

Roam Free™ Play Mats are made of premium quality, non-toxic EVA foam.

Are you coming out with any colors or patterns?

Yes - We have some exciting new releases in store. Add your email address to our subscriber list (below) to be notified of new releases, flash sales, and promotions.

Should I use a rug pad under the play mat?

Most customers anchor the play mat against a wall or with a heavy toy basket. If you prefer to use the mat in the center of the room we do suggest a standard size (4x6, 6x8) non-slip rug pad.

Can I connect the mats to create a different size than what's listed?

Yes - our Roam Free™ Play Mats connect seamlessly to create play spaces both big and small. Tiles are 2 ft x 2ft. Check out Custom Sizing for non-standard sizes or purchase single tiles to expand your play mat as needed.

I am not sure which color I prefer, do you offer color swatches?

Due to overwhelming demand we are currently out of color swatches - sorry! See our Look Book for more color info.

Can the play mats be placed on carpet?

Low-pile carpet is usually fine but we do not recommend using the tiles on medium to high pile carpeting.

Can heavy furniture or gym equipment be placed on the the mats?

EVA foam is a soft product and heavy furniture or equipment is likely to leave a permanent indentation.