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So worth it!

We use this rug in our living room and baby and toddler play on it all day every day. Stains do come out very easily! I am in love with the Euclase color. It‘s vibrant and bright and makes me feel like I‘m somewhere on a Greek island. Highly recommend this rug.

Best of both worlds!

We really love the design layout we of course purchased for newly mobile baby. Its just a plus that its doesn't have to like mat for kids. Got the best of both protection for baby and beautiful design! There's alot of options to choose from, I researched and compared more than I care to admit. Had mat for like almost 2 months so far no issue. Would definitely purchase again!

Perfect for baby

Perfect for my granddaughter, even while she is learning to sit. I bought it for when she is starting to crawl so she could have a softer place to play. Forgot about the tumbles as they are learning to sit and find their balance.

Beautiful & comfortable, but not anti-slip

This kitchen mat is beautiful and super comfortable. We have a fairly large kitchen and so I sprung for the 30x72 size. It felt like a bit of a splurge to spend so much for a kitchen rug, but we had purchased the little nomad play mats and they were totally worth it, so I went for it. As with most reviewers, I quickly realized this rug is NOT anti-slip - it was constantly out of place and drove me crazy. It’s quite heavy so it was such a pain to move back into place multiple times I day. I was so annoyed that I was about to sell it and get something else. Then I found some super sticky double sided rug tape on Amazon and put a bunch on the pack. It’s only been a few days but it hasn’t moved. I rarely write reviews, but figured I’d share this hack for others who love this rug but can’t stand it being out of place. If this rug was truly anti-slip it would be 5 stars, but knocking it a star for having to buy another product to actually keep it in place.


Easy to put together. I love how I can expand it or make it smaller if needed. It’s very easy to wipe clean. It looks great ion our house.

great product

I am a new grandma and bought this for my home. I love that it is more aesthetically pleasing than the typical primary color one. The great thing is that you can take it apart and store it easily. My grand daughter plays very nicely on it.


This is my second playmat purchase from house of Noa. So comfortable and love the beautiful patterns they come in. I have recommended them to multiple friends who have also purchased and love theirs!

lack of quality control

Purchased two 8x8 sets. One set is fine, but the second set came without any of the edge pieces needed to connect the mats together which makes it unusable as they keep sliding apart. Apparently the only way to contact customer service is through email (there is no phone number) so now I'm stuck waiting for them to respond to my email.

Hi, Kevin! I'm so sorry this has been your experience. While our customer service team is usually quick to respond to emails, you can also reach them through Facebook Messenger. Please also be sure to check your spam folder if it seems you haven't received an email response yet. Sometimes our emails are hidden!

Pretty, but doesn't hold up

This mat seemed to be a perfect solution for our hardwood floors and little one -- it was pretty, yet cushioned to allow for safe playing.

We have had this for 2 years and maybe I was expecting too much, but the design has begun to pull up in areas, which is irresistible to a toddler. I was able to move the tiles around to hide the damaged areas, but we will see how long until another spot becomes an issue.

Hi, JD. We're sorry that this has been your experience. Would you please send an email to or reach out to us via Facebook Messenger? Our customer support team will assist you from there. Thanks!

The best!

I love this mat! We use it in our basement on top of the cement floor and it has made the space so much more enjoyable and safer for the entire family.

Completely matisfied!

I absolutely love it and look forward to seeing you grow and what you will come up with next!


Works perfectly instead of a rug, easy to clean and pretty to boot!

Stylish, functional and beautiful!

Perfect boho chic little mat! Ended up using the smaller size outside of our cat’s litter box where she tracks, and it wipes beautifully clean! Plan to purchase another for the kitchen or under our girls’ high chairs. Love love love this mat - gorgeous and functional!

Love these!

It was tough finding a matt like this that wasn’t black or tacky. I am so glad I found these! The designs are beautiful and they have saved my back. I bought these in two sizes - a longer one for where I prep food and a shorter one for in front of the sink. My only complaint is that they don’t stay in place. I wish the bottom was more of a rubber material to stick better. Other than that, no complaints!

Great Addition

I love the color. It has made such a difference when cooking & doing dishes. It fits in perfectly with the design of the kitchen & really does feel like gummy bears on your feet.


When we unrolled our mat, we were very happy with size and design. Very cute and when rolled out, extremely comfortable! Definite game changer when cooking or doing dishes. However, as other reviews have stated - it slides even with non slips. We have also found that when wiping the mat with water only- there is a lot of blue dye on the paper towels/ hand towels. I am not sure if this is supposed to be happening since the design is printed? We’ve had for less than 2 weeks so hoping the color coming up doesn’t cause issues with appearance.

Love the mat

I love our mat, it looks great and is so comfortable to stand on - it really makes a difference. I have to agree with the other reviews, however, in that I'm always moving it back to where I originally placed it. Still giving it 5 stars because I love it so much but would love it to stay put.

Great Purchase

So happy with my mat purchase.
Gorgeous design and so comfortable . In my opinion really worth the price!

Love the look and surface!

As a babysitting grandparent I didn’t want a primary colored mat in my littles play area. We were having trouble getting the building blocks to stand up on the carpet. This mat solved the problem and defined the kids play area. Thanks!

Pretty and practical

A beautiful design on an easy to clean surface - exactly what I needed. I’m using this under our breakfast nook which includes the highchair at one end.

Great Mat, but does not stay put

This mat is not only a beautiful pale blue but it is also very comfortable! My only complaint is that for the price, it does not stay in place on my wood grain tiles. I don't mind kicking it back in place multiple times a day, but it was not expected.

I love my rug.

I bought two of these for my new home. They look great and save my feet and back.

Beautiful Mat

This mat is absolutely gorgeous and very comfortable! I think it was well worth the money. It does slide a little on my hardwood floors but not as bad as any other rug I’ve tried.


This kitchen was is fabulous. It’s beautiful, it’s well made, and has very nice cushioning. It’s so easy to clean, and it’s so durable. I would buy this again. Great quality, smart buy.

The BEST on the market!

So Stylish & Functional! With an always snacking 3 year old, spills are a common occurrence in our home. These mats are super easy to clean. So Trendy & Simply the Best.

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