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LN Spotlight: Chelsea Carp

Posted by Jenn L. on

Mom holding baby in air

We are thrilled to have our latest LN Tribe Spotlight be on Chelsea Carp. Chelsea is a Mama to a baby boy, Asher and we are loving what she did with Asher's play room!

Where do you live? Apartment? House?

I live in a 2 floor house in South Florida, it’s big which has been so much fun to decorate!!! Lots of room for lots of babies :)

What do you do professionally?

I’m a stay at home mom now but before we were blessed with our Asher Maddox, I did blogging and social media.

Can you share your child’s name / ages / or when are you due?

Asher Maddox is 6 months old.

baby crawling on play mat

How would you describe your style?

Modern/contemporary. I like to say my style is very sleek and chic! Lately, I’m loving the black and white monochromatic trend and that’s exactly what I went with for our playroom.

Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your house?

We used our Roam Free Feather play mat wall to wall in Asher's playroom! We love it!

What are three of your favorite nursery/playroom/decor pieces that share a room with your Little Nomad play mat?

Number one would obviously be our Little Nomad play mat, but if I had to choose three others they’d be the ball pit, storage wall, arcade table! It’s so hard to choose! That playroom means so much to me! 

chic nursery with ball pit

What has been the most challenging aspect of decorating your space? What about the most fun?

The most challenging was trying to make sure all the colors matched right! The arcade table and the ball pit couldn’t supply me with color swatches so I had to wing it! I love interior decorating, it was such a fun project to work on! Thank goodness for Little Nomad sending me swatches of the different playroom mats! 

Where was the last place you traveled?

We’re new parents so we don’t get to travel much! I definitely wish we got the opportunity and plan on it once Asher gets older. Lately I’ve been obsessing over Greece - I am just dying to go!

baby's play room with LN play mats

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Joy of Giving GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Jenn L. on

Bring Joy to Someone (and yourself!)

Enter for a chance to win TWO 4x6 Play Mats - one for you and one for you to gift. There will be ONE lucky winner. To enter, like us on Facebook and tag the person you would like to gift it to. For an extra entry, share the post and make sure to tag us! Our winners will be announced Friday, December 8th
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LN Spotlight: Sophia Vincent Guy

Posted by Jenn L. on

Sophia Vincent Guy for Little Nomad

How fitting that our latest LN Spotlight be our very own (insanely talented) Little Nomad mat designer, Sophia Vincent Guy?! Here's a little behind the scenes look at Sophia's life and her inspiration behind her beautiful LN designs.

Where do you live? 

I live in a house in Herzliya, Israel.

What do you do professionally?

I am an Illustrator/Designer

How did you find inspiration when creating the LN designs?

Inspiration for the LN designs came from looking at a lot of carpets and various motifs like Moroccan screens.  I am also obsessed with plants so they have a way of making their way into just about everything I do.

Sophia lives in a house

Do you have any children? 

Aviv - 5 yrs

Adele - 17 months

How would you describe your style?

Modernist Scandinavian hippy hipster with a touch of old-timey flair.  That’s a category…I swear.

Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your house?

When it first arrived it was in the centre of our living room.  My daughter was about 8 months old at the time and started walking at 9 months so loved walking over it while my four year old jumped and played on it and rearranged the puzzle pieces.  It now lives in the play zone of my son’s bedroom and a portion of the second one is on the floor of my closet.

Sophia on her play mat

What are three of your favorite nursery/playroom/decor pieces that share a room with your Little Nomad play mat? 

-Three hanging hot air balloons

-Two gorgeous paintings my father made that were hung in my room the year I was born and stayed with me ever since.

-A simple Ikea bookshelf with a really nice finish packed with all the great children’s books we have collected.

Has there been a challenging aspect of decorating with little ones? What about the most fun?

My husband and I tend to collect ‘the perfect things’ slowly so it takes a long time to really pull things together.  Aviv’s room was one of the first places to come together in the house and soon it will have to also accommodate his little sister so we will start to do the shuffle. The most fun is seeing it done and the kids enjoying it.

Sophia's favorite Little Nomad Accessories

Where was the last place you traveled? Where do you want to go next?

We were recently in Crete for a gorgeous wedding.  The rugged hills and clear blue waters were like a magic tonic - such a special place!  I would love to go to Norway to see some close friends and take in the incredible landscape.  There is a specific drive along the coast full of designed pavilions that has been my top travel destination for the past 7 years - one day I will get there!!

What’s your professional background?

I got my masters degree in architecture and worked in residential architecture for about seven years.  Drawing and painting has always been a big part of my life and I constantly dreamed of dovetailing my career into the realm of visual arts.  Although I have a great appreciation for architecture and enjoyed working in the field, when the time seemed ripe to transition into illustration, I went for it and haven’t looked back.

What did you enjoy most about designing for Little Nomad?

Designing the Roam Free Play Mat was not only about creating a pretty pattern, it was also a puzzle getting a single tile to combine in the right way to get a seamless carpet-like effect.  It was challenging, and I whined about how it didn’t seem possible and then it was so rewarding to see it come together and work.  Each new pattern poses this same kind of challenge and now that I know it can be done, working out the puzzle has become fun.

Sophia playing with kids

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from all kinds of things.  I feel very close to plants - their elegance and beauty is always a wonderful source of inspiration. I love colour and am constantly looking out for interesting colour combinations in all kinds of places. There are also many incredibly talented artists out there to draw inspiration from - I have spent a lot of time looking at the work of others to help me connect with my own visual style.

What other kinds of projects do you work on?

In addition to the pattern and logo design for Little Nomad, I have worked on children’s books, product packaging illustrations, editorials, greeting cards and ad campaigns.  I love having a wide range of creative work;  I find one project tends to inspire aspects of another and the practice continues to feel exciting.

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Stylish Toy Storage Solutions

Posted by Jenn L. on

Stylish Storage Bin Options

Most parents can agree that with children comes "stuff". As those children grow, the amount of stuff has a tendency to grow as well. While we believe each toy or object should be thoughtful and useful, the reality is we all have much more than we'd like and we need places to store those things. It can sometimes be hard to find stylish baskets or bins that we are okay keeping out and in our shared living spaces.

We've rounded up some of our favorite storage bins that provide function without sacrificing style (they also happen to look pretty fantastic alongside a Roam Free play mat - hint hint wink wink).

Baby Jives Little Nomad Play Mats Storage Bins 

Baby Jives Basket

1) Bolga Market Baskets from Baby Jives

You might know Baby Jives because of their awesome line of mobiles but did you know they also have great baskets with a wide array of uses? I love the idea of keeping one stashed with all your baby's diapering tools by the changing table. I also love the thick handle, which I can envision being used by any child to tote around their toys from one room to another.

For 10% off your order, use promo code-LITTLENOMAD (only good until 9/14)

Twig and Tassel Basket and ladder

2) Coiled Rope Storage Bins from Twig and Tassel

Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw these rope bins from Twig and Tassel. They're beautiful and functional. They are soft enough for a nursery but hold up enough to handle big kid toys in a playroom. They are proof that you can have beautiful decor items that are also totally functional in your living spaces.

For 15% off, use promo code-NOMAD15

Maika Baskets

3) Recycled Canvas Buckets from Maika Goods

Not only are these buckets made from recycled canvas but they're multi-purposeful as well. We love that you can use them for storage in your home (for both large and small items) or even use them as ways to wrap and give a gift for someone else to use. We are in the thick of back to school and I love the idea of gifting a student a bucket filled with all new crayons, pencils, markers, etc...for them to keep on their desk at home.

For 20% off, use promo code-NOMAD20

Bannor Toy Whale

4) Wooden Whale Toy Box from Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys makes beautiful wooden toys and furniture here in the U.S. out of the highest quality materials. We are talking organic wood, paint and finish! Not only are the materials high quality but the design and function of everything they make is spot on. As a parent, they are everything you look for in a toy company. We love their wooden toy storage bins. The shapes are simple and timeless and can easily go in any room of the home.

For 10% off, use promo code-LITTLENOMAD10 (excludes Bannor Limited Toy and furniture line).


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5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Own Baby Photography

Posted by Jenn L. on

We've teamed up with Anne Miller, who is a fabulous lifestyle Photographer here in Connecticut. She's giving us the lowdown on how to take your own photos at home using your own Roam Free play mat.
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