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LN Spotlight: Addie Gundry

Posted by Jenn L. on

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 Meet, Addie Gundry! The most adorable Mama-to-be and current contestant on The Next Food Network Star.

Where do you live?
I live in Lake Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with my husband, Alex, and our adorable Labradoodle, Paisley. But, most importantly, we have a baby on the way!

Addie Gundry Little Nomad Spotlight

What do you do professionally?

I am a chef and writer, culinary entertainer of sorts. I have a very unique job and dabble in all things food! During the day I work at a publishing company where I test and write headnotes. I am in the process of creating my own cookbooks, two of which just hit the book shelves on July 4th! In addition to this, I have an eating and entertaining blog,, and I am a contestant on this season of The Food Network Star!

Can you share your children's names and ages?
I am pregnant with my first child, a baby boy! He is due in September and we can hardly wait!

How would you describe your style?
I would say we are pretty traditional. I like simple and elegant!

Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your home?

We are getting ready for our little one and I am very excited to use our Little Nomad play mat. I have placed the mat in our living room and it is absolutely perfect. We have a living room that is more “formal” and a family room where we enjoy cocktails on the couch and the floor is always covered in dog toys. This “special” living room of ours is where we enjoy holidays, date night, and light the fire by the Christmas tree. What I love about Little Nomad is that this play mat fits in beautifully! A perfect way for baby gear to be part of the home without compromising style!

What are three of your favorite nursery/playroom/decor pieces that share a room with your Little Nomad play mat?

  1. Star decals from Etsy. The crib fits perfectly under this little nook with a slanted ceiling. I put up (easy-to-remove) gold star decals that I found here on Etsy.
  2. I used a dresser that we already had and found a changing table top that “matched”. This was a great way of using something we already owned and making it new for the baby. Saved some money and it fits in perfectly!
  3. I need to cool it on the stuffed animals! I have collected quite a few, and can’t get enough. Neither can Paisley, as she certainly thinks there is a plethora of new furry friends for her to play with!

Addie Gundry Nursery Details

What has been the most challenging aspect of decorating your space? What about the most fun?

Most challenging:
The room is a unique shape, to say the least! The room is on the second floor and the roof angles down. It is not a square shape and so we have had to get creative with this little place. And that we have!

Another challenge has been the artwork! I am torn between going too baby but also want it baby enough. There is a lot out there and we still have a wall to decorate!

Most fun:
What isn’t! Right? I would say my most favorite part of getting the space ready is washing new baby clothes and hanging them in the closet or folding them into the drawers. It is all so little and adorable. Makes it feel real!

Where was the last place you traveled?
Professionally I am all over the place. I just did an event for Lipton in Grand Rapids, Michigan and prior to that I was in Pennsylvania selling my cookbooks on QVC! Personally, my husband and I were just in Arizona for his sister’s wedding. Alex’s family has a home in Arizona (where we got married!) and we LOVE going there! We spent the 4th of July in Minnesota with family and friends!

Addie Gundry LN Spotlight Wedding

We love meeting our Little Nomad Tribe Members! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Addie! We can't wait to hear about your baby boy's arrival in a couple of months!

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