Highchair Mats

Highchair Mats


    Easy to Clean Highchair Floor Mats

    Life can be messy, especially under a highchair. But! We believe in remembering moments, not messes, so we’ve made mats for under highchairs that are easy to clean. Each highchair mat is made from heavyweight, waterproof, vegan-leather that is super soft but won't leak through. To clean, just use mild dish soap or all-purpose cleaner and some water to wipe the mess away.

    Protect Your Floor With A Mat Under the Highchair

    Let’s face it, flying applesauce and cheerio crumbs can be tough on floors and carpets. Protect them with our beautiful highchair mats. The bottom surface of each mat is slip-resistant to reduce movement under a highchair or kid's table. And each high chair floor mat is portable, so there’s no stress as a guest at the in-laws! Just wipe it clean and fold it up - you’re good to go!