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Ellis Turns One!

Posted by Elizabeth G. on

We celebrated Ellis' 1st Birthday with our friends and family at a wonderful Reggio Emilia inspired play space here in Connecticut called Mimmo.

"The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them."

Mimmo has so much to offer parents and children alike. There are classes daily and special events happening weekly. They have a sunlit cafe adjacent to the class area where parents can feel comfortable chatting with other parents or just take a moment to breathe. It's so much more than a children's play space and it's an amazing addition to the Farmington Valley area.

In addition to classes and events, Mimmo offers customized Birthday parties. The owner, Heather, will do as much or as little as you want depending on how involved the parents like to be. We opted to have her VERY involved, which made life a little easier for everyone! We are so excited to share the photos from Ellis' special day.

Ellis Turns One at Mimmo Cafe

Ellis' outfit was made custom for him by Three Turtles Studio

Sensory play dough favors made by Splendido.

Photography was done by S. Dos Santos (it's a total game changer to not worry about snapping photos the entire time and actually enjoy your child's Birthday!)

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little guy's big day! xx

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The Inspiration Behind Our New Adilah Collection

Posted by Jenn L. on

Adilah tide pool

We are so excited to introduce the beautiful new collection of Little Nomad play mats called the Adilah collection. We've asked artist Sophia Vincent Guy to give us a few tid bits of how she created this beautiful new design.

"The Adilah Collection was inspired by the multitude of Moroccan style rugs we were seeing all around us.  I sat down one morning at a beach cafe near my house and started doodling with my favorite ink brush pen.  I drew a long strip of experimental lines and dots and squiggles trying to evoke the feeling of those rugs.  I then proceeded to draw page after page of ink line work combinations (and some rabbits wearing silly hats) only to come back around to that first strip.  Adilah was truly born on a Mediterranean beach with the sun on my back and the salt air at the tip of my nose."

Adilah Original Mockups

 Adilah crazy rabbits with hats

The new collection comes in four different colors - Boho Dream, Tide Pool, Skipping Stone, and Moroccan Sunset.  Each has the vibe of a hand-knit rug that will instantly transform your play space. We are so thankful to Sophia for her vision. She creates such beautiful designs that grace the homes of all our LN Tribe members.

Adilah Four Colors

Here's Sophia and her family in Israel 👋🏼

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Happy 2nd Birthday (to Us!)

Posted by Jenn L. on

We're celebrating our two year anniversary this week! It seems like only yesterday that Little Nomad was born when 762 awesome mamas backed our Roam Free play mats on Kickstarter. We raised over $100k in 30 days! Since then, our community has grown to thousands and we were even featured on Shark Tank.

First LN shipment and Shark Tank pitch

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey. We've been so grateful to find other moms who are just as excited to create an amazing play space for their little nomad without turning their home into a circus.


We wanted to feature a few special supporters from our very earliest days in today's post:

Courtney, Owner of T'Nees was and still is a huge supporter. Not only does she love her LN mat but she has always shared her expertise in the business and is a true example of women bringing up other women. We've loved getting a chance to work with people like Courtney.

Courtney from T'nees Teepees

Rachel is one of our very first kickstarter backers. She first connected with founder, Elizabeth, through Instagram right before the Kickstarter began. They both had little girls around the same age and they were both named Talia/Taliah, resulting in an instant soul-sister connection. Rachel says

"not only did the play mat immediately grab my attention with the color but the print was gorgeous! When my mat arrived around the holidays before my daughter was one, it was perfect timing - my whole family was in awe at the quality and look of it!"

Rachel Original Little Nomad Kickstarter Backer

Another one of of very first backers is Laura. Laura shared with us what made her fall in love with Little Nomad:

"The LN mats were everything I was looking for: it looks like a gorgeous rug, and yet is padded and safe for my kids to play. No one who enters my apartment knows its a foam mat, but rather it looks like a proper, sophisticated rug."

Laura original Kickstarter backer

Here at Little Nomad we appreciate each and every customer. We love that we get a chance to be in your homes and a part of making some of your very first memories with your babies. Thank you for continuing to share your stories with us and be a part of our LN Tribe.


But it's not going to stop with just play mats...We understand when your little one is tucked in bed after a full day, you want to relax into a sea of calm - not in an ocean of chaos. Which is why we wanted to do more, and what's inspired our new mission:

"To help you create a beautiful safe play space that’s fun for your little one without cluttering your home."

To this end, we've been carefully selecting fun wooden toys, beautiful decor, and functional-yet-chic storage solutions handpicked from brands that share our values. Our beautiful range of play gyms, toys, and storage baskets have all been tested by us. They all have the Little Nomad stamp of approval for making mama and child happy.

New decor, swings, baskets, and wooden toys

Thank you for helping us celebrate these amazing two years!

With love,

The Little Nomad team

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Homemade Slime (or "Goo" as my kids call it!)

Posted by Jenn L. on

Our family is on a huge "goo" kick right now. I'm not sure why it's become SO exciting lately, but I have to say, any activity that occupies a 5-, 3-, and 2- year old for more than 20 minutes is a huge win in my book. When I realized how easy it was and how few ingredients you actually need to make it yourself we decided to give it a go!
Slime Ingredients
You will need:
  • 4 oz. of clear Elmer’s glue - Do not use white Elmer's glue as the glitter will get lost.
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • glitter (I bought mine at Michaels)
  • 1 tablespoon saline solution (make sure the ingredient list includes "buffered" saline)

Simply mix all the ingredients together! Add more a few drops of saline solution to thicken the slime if needed.

How To Make Slime

I used an old jam jar to do the mixing and you could even store it in there. I will say that similar to playdoh or any sort of messy activity, the goo should stay on hard surfaces and should not get into the hands of any little ones who might want to put it into their mouths.

Getting Slimy!

I think the little jars filled with goo would make the cutest party favors! Easy, homemade and fun for all ages!

Slime Party Favors 

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LN Spotlight: Prism Autism Center

Posted by Jenn L. on

We are thrilled to have our latest LN Spotlight be on Rebecca Giammatti of Prism Autism. When we first met Rebecca we were so excited for Little Nomad to be a part of this amazing facility that she and her Co-Founder (and twin sister!), Rachael Coburn, created. 

What is our background and how did Prism come to be?

My Co-Founder Rachael Coburn and I have been involved in the treatment of children with autism for nearly 20 years now. After summer internships during Freshman year of undergraduate studies introduced us to this wonderful population, we knew we would never leave! After many years of providing intervention in home and school settings, we also wanted to create a center where very young children could come and receive their applied behavior analytic intervention (ABA). Prism Autism Center provides this space where, using scientifically-validated, naturalistic, play-based instruction, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and technicians work to remediate the core symptoms of autism.


Tell us a little bit about your school and services.
Due to the intensive nature of our programming, our clients spend large portions of each day, every day here. We wanted to replicate a more natural and comfortable environment. As we work with the very young, we play on the floor most of the day. The mats provide a soft, washable surface to play and learn on.

Who are your students that attend Prism? 
We serve children with autism aged 1-6 at our Center who require intensive services.

What drew you to Little Nomad play mats?
Unlike other foam mats, LN mats are not overstimulating, nor are they commercial looking. We want our client to focus on us and the intervention, and not be overly distracted by the decor.

How will the mats benefit your instructors/technicians? How does the decor affect your learning spaces?
The mats contribute to a beautiful, warm, welcoming environment for staff and clients alike, while also providing a more comfortable surface to play and learn on.

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